Juliet Furness - Acting Tutor

Juliet Furness - Acting Tutor

In 1992 Juliet left NZ on the invitation of Jeremiah Comey – a top LA acting coach (whose clients include actor’s from Avatar, The Twilight Saga, Fight Club,and Titanic) who had met her the previous year when he was in NZ on a Fullbright scholarship to foster local talent.  She was offered a position as his assistant tutor at his Film Acting studio in Los Angeles.

In 1993 she moved to New York to investigate the opening of an East Coast branch of Jeremiah’s school. She was lucky enough in 1995 to stumble upon Seth Barrish – Anne Hathaway’s private coach-whose methods she would return to again and again during the many years she lived there.  Having spent a total of 17 years acting, studying and teaching in New York and LA  she returned home to NZ with what she considers are acting method’s that are amongst the best that the industry has to offer.

She has taught young aspiring actors in New York as well as New Zealand-starting many years ago with Wellington’s Downstage Youth Theatre classes, continued teaching youth classes in New York as well as working as an acting coach on film.  Her latest acting coach work for child actors in NZ was for the short film WAIT – and has just won the Madman Entertainment Jury Prize for the Best NZ SHORT FILM AT NZIFF 2016 as well as the Wallace Friends of the Civic Award.

She  also works as an acting coach for LBF Kid’s and Teens and has students currently working on the Australian/ NZ Co production – 800 Words as core cast, as well as the TV Series Ed- as the young Ed.

She is excited to teach for CCMT whose work she has admired in the past and is looking forward to being part of the growth of the talented young students of NZ.

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